The St. Andrew’s – St. Paul’s Mission to the parish of Christ the King and the school of St. Jacques in Haiti brings together three communities of God’s people. We do many things together in Christ’s name, but most of all we come together to grow in unity with one another and with Christ.

In 2010-11 we launched the $1 A DAY FOR HAITI campaign to raise money to assist the people of Christ the King parish and the community of La Hoye, Haiti.

St. Andrew’s continues to support the school and new health clinic to this day.  Contributing a $1 a day or what you can means so much to this ministry.

SPRING 2023 update

Christ the King School is in full operation this school year. Father Laguerre heads Christ the King Church and its 120-family membership.

The school, headed by principal Franz Flamand, services grades 1 to 8. There are 8 teachers with 250 to 300 students attending. St. Andrewʼs and St. Paul’s have provided financial support for the school for over 15 years. This yearʼs financial commitment to Christ the King school of $3500 is due this coming August.

Father Laguere has also started a simple health clinic for the families in his parishes. St. Andrewʼs has sent over $3300 to help support this clinic. The government collapse and civil chaos have created an unsafe environment for travel in Haiti. The health clinic has been opened for two years and provides very basic health care so parishioners donʼt have to travel far.

St. Andrewʼs Outreach Committee and Vestry are asking once again for your financial support for these two ongoing projects at our sister church, Christ the King, La Hoye. Thanks for all your past support. You can give online or send an offering to the church.

There are many needs in Haiti. Your donations will help keep our current promises to Christ the King Church and School and help support future projects.

Stephen Iannacone
Outreach Committee Chairperson