The term vestry originated centuries ago in Great Britain and referred to the room next to the nave of the church where the sacred vessels and vestments were kept. Those conducting parish business met in this room and came to be known as the vestry.

At St. Andrew’s, as in other Episcopal Churches, the Vestry is the lay leadership and is elected as the governing body of our parish. The Vestry are the representatives of the congregation and consists of two Wardens and nine Vestry members. Included in the nine are a treasurer and secretary. Elections take place yearly at the annual meeting in January.

The Vestry, working together with the Rector, is responsible for ensuring that the mission of St. Andrew’s lives in every aspect of parish life: our worship; our outward expression of inclusion; our commitment to the community beyond St. Andrew’s; our stewardship of our resources; and most importantly how we demonstrate our love of God in our daily lives.

During times of transition, it is the Vestry’s responsibility to lead the process of calling and supporting a new rector.

St. Andrew’s Vestry typically meets the 4th Monday of every month at 6:15 at the Church. Meetings are open to all members of the congregation.