Pastoral care is a ministry for all of us.

Many people at St. Andrew’s benefit from the pastoral care of their fellow parishioners as well as of their clergy. Homebound parishioners and others who need a special touch receive visits, baked goods, occasional meals, cards, notes, and accompaniment to medical appointments from members of the parish. Homebound parishioners and parishioners who are in the hospital, rehabilitation facility, or nursing home receive Communion from Eucharistic Visitors and clergy. St. Andrew’s has an Alzheimer’s care team that helps give respite for families caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s. We have a small prayer quilt ministry, providing quilts made at home and dedicated at a church service for those in particular need of comfort.

During our Sunday and weekday services, the congregation prays by name for those who have requested prayers. If you would like to add someone to our list besides yourself, please contact the Parish Office and make sure you have received permission from the person for whom you are seeking prayers. Names are included for four weeks and can be renewed as needed.

St. Andrew’s provides burial rites to active parishioners and their families. It has a Columbarium within the church. The Bequest Committee offers occasional information sessions on planning for end of life as a service to the parish. It is appropriate and a gift to those whom we love and who love us to help lay the groundwork for our own funerals. Please know that we are available to assist you in making plans for yourself or someone you love and can keep a copy of your plans (which you can amend at any time) in our parish office. When death is imminent or has occurred, please call the parish office at (518)489-4747 so we might offer assistance.

Other pastoral offices as included in the Book of Common Prayer such as confession are also offered on an need basis. The Priest-in-Charge is available to offer house or nursing home room blessings.

You can greatly aid us by letting the parish office (518-489-4747) know if you or a loved one is hospitalized or in need of a visit. We encourage parishioners also to leave us a contact for next-of-kin in the event of an emergency.

As we all are coming out of the pandemic, St. Andrew’s hopes to further grow the pastoral care ministry. It provides the special touch that our homebound parishioners need. If pastoral care is a ministry to which you feel called, please contact the parish office.