Nelson Kinnear Moore 1919 – January 5, 1945

Nelson Kinnear Moore

1919 – January 5, 1945

photoNelson’s Senior photo 1938

Nelson Moore grew up in the Pine Hills neighborhood, living with his parents at the house of his grandparents on Manning Boulevard. His father owned a business selling dental supplies. The family attended St. Andrew’s where Nelson was confirmed in 1933. Nelson attended Albany High School where he was vice-president of Philoxia, a literary society, and belonged to the dramatics and ski clubs.  He went to college at Cazenovia Seminary (now Cazenovia College) and St. Lawrence University. After leaving school he joined his father’s business. He was married to Jo-Freda Ray of Buffalo.

Nelson Moore joined the Army in May of 1942. He was attached to the 87th “Golden Acorn” Infantry Division. The 87th was nicknamed the “baby division” — most of the soldiers in it were 20 years old or younger. Nelson was chosen to train as a medic.  Medics occupied a special place in the infantry hierarchy. Technically non-combatants, they learned all of the skills of infantry soldiers as well as basic medical techniques. Often soldiers with a background in medicine were chosen for the position. Despite the importance of their jobs medics received less pay than regular infantry soldiers.

photoNelson in uniform