Edward Weston Foster 1919 – August 10, 1945

Edward Weston Foster

1919 – August 10, 1945

photoEddy’s Senior Photo 1938

Edward “Eddy” Foster grew up in Albany.  His father died when he was young and he and his mother, Margaret, and sister, Marion, lived with his aunt and uncle.  The family attended St. Andrew’s, where Eddy sang in the choir.  At Albany High School, Eddy was vice-president of the Junior Red Cross and a member of the Commerce Club.  After graduating, Eddy worked as a machinist.  In 1940, he married Raffaela DeAngelis.

Eddy took a job at the Watervliet Arsenal, one of the nearly ten thousand workers making guns for use in the war.  As a worker in a defense plant, he was not immediately eligible for the draft.  The birth of his son, Edward Louis Foster, made the draft a more remote possibility.  But in 1944, with the need for soldiers growing, war work and children were no longer enough to keep a man out of the Army.

photoEddy in uniform