What is Stewardship?

Simply stated, stewardship is using the gifts that God has given us to do the things that God calls us to do. At St. Andrew’s, stewardship is a spiritual practice beginning with a joyous awareness of God’s great love for us and gratitude for the abundance of God’s gifts and the wonder of Creation.

Pledge for 2023

Are you interested in giving online?  Your pledge can be set up through St. Andrew’s giving page (Donate) Contact the church finance office via phone (518.489.4747) or email admin[at] for details.

Stewardship of Time and Talent

Stewardship also involves giving authentically from ourselves, in ways that honor and celebrate our individuality. We are asked to serve as a channel of God’s loving abundance for our families, friends, our neighbors, and the world. Some of the ways that parishioners give of themselves include: volunteering in the church office, helping take care of the church building and grounds, serving in one of the positions of leadership in the church, or volunteering to help with church activities. Artists contribute their work to bulletin covers and our walls to enrich our worship experience. Singers and instrumentalists make beautiful music to glorify God.

Stewardship of our Financial Resources

St. Andrew’s is blessed each year by the generous giving of its members. Parishioners’ gifts of time, imagination and money have built a place of worship that is full of life. Each fall, members are asked to consider what proportion of their financial resources they will give back to God in thanksgiving for all they have received. Members of our congregation make an annual monetary pledge and/or give regularly in the offering plate.

Planned Giving

St. Andrew’s is also blessed with endowments from parishioners who have remembered St. Andrew’s and the work we do  in their wills. With these resources we are able to support new ministry opportunities and support outreach ministries. If you are interested in making a bequest or any other planned gift to St. Andrew’s, please be in touch with our Finance Chair, Bill Hedberg (hedberg663[at]