Haiti Mission Partnership


St. Andrew’s – St. Paul’s Mission to Haiti

The St. Andrew’s – St. Paul’s Mission to the parish of  Christ the King and the school of St. Jacques brings together three communities of God’s people. We do many things together in Christ’s name, but most of all we come together to grow in unity with one another and with Christ.

In 2010-11 we launched $1 A DAY FOR HAITI campaign to raise money to assist the people of Christ the King parish and the community of Lahoye, Haiti. Your donations will help bring clean water, medical clinics and meals to the students and families of St. Jacque’s school. We hope you will help us with this task. Learn how you can help click here.

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In the fall of 2011, the parish of St. Paul, Albany joined the partnership. They have participated in many of the fundraising activities and planning of mission trips. They hope to have parish members on our next trip to Lahoye in the fall of 2012.
In April, Edge Bagg returned to Lahoye to see how our partners were doing after the earthquake. He found  that much of the conditions remained the same, but found that the food and water supplies had been stressed by the quake. He brought supplies to help repair the roof of the school in preparation for the rainy season.


In November of  2009 The Rev. Mary White and Edge Bagg lead a small group of parish leaders on a trip to Lascahobas and Lahoye, Haiti.

The focus of the trip, sponsored by our Outreach Committee, was to determine how St. Andrew’s can create a lasting relationship between the two parishes and assist the community of Lahoye. With Vestry approval, we hope to cement a lasting Partnership in the future.

The mission team is focused on discerning the long term educational, health, and economic needs by speaking directly with community members. We hope to gain enough knowledge to develop a long term mission plan between St. Andrew’s and St. Jacques.

They also brought much needed school supplies, medical supplies for the school, spiritual aids and other small items. much more is still needed!

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All that we do and all that we are, by God’s grace, grows out of our inspired hearts, which move us to serve those to whom God has sent us.  Blessings abound for all who are involved, receivers and givers alike.  When we carry out God’s will, we strengthen our own faith.


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is an inclusive community

Affirming God’s Grace
Open and growing in heart, mind, and spirit
Called to love and serve all in Jesus’ Name

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We the people of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church believe God’s love and embrace are unconditional and that all people are worthy of respect and honor. All are created in the image of God and we strive to welcome and include all religious seekers without regard to age, culture, difference in ability, economic circumstances, ethnic background, family configuration, gender, gender identity and expression, nationality, political philosophy, race, or sexual orientation. We are called by Christ to be in unity with God and one another.