Timeline for the History of Saint Andrew’s


photo: the present church nearing completion in the early 30's

A Timeline of the History of St. Andrew’s

Though no church’s history can be reduced to a chronological list of events, a reading of the highlights in the parish’s life provides a framework for understanding how the community of St. Andrew’s has lived and grown together for over a century.

1897 Cornerstone laid for “St. Paul’s Chapel of St. Andrew”
1897 – 1903 The Reverend Ralph Birdsall serves as Rector
1899 Full parish status as St. Andrew’s Church of the City of Albany, New York
1903 – 1906 The Reverend Jacob Morris Coerr serves as Rector
1907 – 1916 The Reverend Walter M. Gage serves as Rector
1916 – 1923 The Rt. Reverend Frank W. Creighton (later Bishop of Mexico) serves as Rector
1923 – 1946 The Reverend Charles W. Findlay serves as Rector
1930 Ground breaking for the new church, design based on St. Alban’s Church in England
1931 Dedication of the present church
1946 – 1954 The Reverend R. Lloyd Hackwell serves as Rector
1947 Mortgage burned; new church consecrated by Bishop Oldham
1955 – 1975 The Reverend Ralph M. Carmichael serves as Rector
1956 The old church, which had been used as a parish hall, was demolished to make room for the present Parish House
1957 Parish House dedicated
1961 St. Andrew’s starts the mission parish of St. Boniface, Guilderland
1970 New pipe organ installed
1976 – 1987 The Reverend Bruce A. Gray serves as Rector
1979 Establishment of a thrift store, The Shop at St. Andrew’s
1988 – 2000 The Reverend Andrew C. Hamersley serves as Rector
1992 Columbarium built within the Church
1997 Centennial celebration
2002 – present The Reverend Mary R. White serves as Rector