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The Episcopal Church
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The Episcopal Church USA is the official website for our denomination. Learn about the ministries, organizations, and governance of the national church. Also search for dioceses, and parishes nationwide.

Washington National Cathedral
view of Washington National Cathedral from the southThe Washington National Cathedral is the cathedral for the Bishop of Washington (D.C.). From the beginning it was intended as a “house of prayer for all people” and a great church for national purposes. It serves and has served as the venue for certain national events, including funerals for some former Presidents of the United States, most recently the state funeral in 2007 for President Gerald R. Ford. It serves also as the ceremonial seat for the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.
The Anglican Communion
image from Wikipedia of Canterbury CathedralThe Anglican Communion is an alliance of national churches, including the Episcopal Church USA, with ecclesiastical ties to the Church of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury.The July 2011 essay by the Rt. Rev. Pierre Whalon, Bishop in charge of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe (part of Province II of The Episcopal Church), What is Anglicanism? is an excellent introduction to the Anglican way of understanding God’s Church.

See also the unofficial resources on Anglicanism that may be found through Wikipedia.

Church Related Organizations and Web Sites

Lectionary Readings
Various lectionary sources are available online. Kelly W. Puckett of Austin, Texas offers The Lectionary Page, which is specifically oriented toward The Episcopal Church. Satucket’s The Lectionary is a guide to the daily prayers and readings included in the public worship of our church. Satucket is also an excellent source for private devotions. A third location for calendar-based readings from the Revised Common Lectionary is offered by the Divinity Library of Vanderbilt University. Also Church Publishing (see below) offers a lectionary service by paid subscription.

Church Publishing
Church Publishing is the Church’s bookstore. It offers useful online versions of its Episcopal parish and clergy directories:

Forward Movement Publications
Forward Movement is another Church publisher, the source of Forward Day By Day and the onlineToday’s Meditation.
BBC Choral Evensong
A rich resource in our heritage, every week on BBC Radio 3.
Anglicans Online
Anglicans Online is an excellent resource for learning about our church and other member churches of the worldwide Anglican Communion, of which the Episcopal Church USA is a part.
The Book of Common Prayer
The Book of Common Prayer, the primary guide for our corporate praise and worship, is available online. Compare the 1979 prayer book with other editions, going back to 1662 and before.
Bible Briefs
Bible Briefs from the Virginia Theological Seminary: a series of short, highly readable pamphlets introducing books of the Holy Scriptures
The Episcopal Church & Visual Arts
ECVA is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 to “encourage artists, individuals, congregations, and scholars to engage the visual arts in the spiritual life of the church”.
The Episcopal Cafe
The Episcopal Cafe is a source of news about The Episcopal Church sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington (D.C.).
Thinking Anglicans
Thinking Anglicans is a long-standing source of news from England about things Anglican
In a Godward Direction
In a Godward Direction is a blog of periodic reflections from the Rev. Tobias Stanislas Haller, BSG, of the Diocese of New York
The Cowley Fathers
The Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE), commonly called “The Cowley Fathers”, a monastic community within The Episcopal Church, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Bishop Thomas Shaw, SSJE, of Massachusetts is a brother. See also the Wikipedia page on the Society.
Albany Via Media
Albany Via Media is a group formed in 2003 focusing on maintaining the unity of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany with The Episcopal Church mainstream
Openly Episcopal in Albany
The blog Openly Episcopal in Albany provides commentary on news and issues relating to the Episcopal Church of concern to members of the Diocese of Albany. It is allied with Albany Via Media and kept by John White, a member of St. Andrew’s.

Churches in New York City

Many members of St. Andrew’s visit New York City from time to time. We provide here pointers to churches that some of us have enjoyed while visiting there.

Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
The Cathedral of the Diocese of New York on Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street. A very diverse congregation in a massive sanctuary that is said to be the world’s largest gothic cathedral, offering liberal Anglican theology with elaborate high Anglican liturgy and outstanding music.
St. Thomas Church
On Fifth Avenue at 53rd Street, just up from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. A liturgically moderate church with a strong pulpit and outstanding music.
St. Mary the Virgin
On 46th Street just east of Times Square. Nationally renown for the ultimate in incense, liturgy, music, and vestments.

For a comprehensive list of Episcopal churches in New York City visit the web site of the Diocese of New York.