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Sacred Ground Circle Report

St. Andrew’s Sacred Ground Circle (film-based dialogue series on race and faith) got off to a good start this week, with all twelve who signed up in attendance on the Zoom meeting.  The series is being led by St. Andrew’s members, Rocky B. and Kaitlyn S.  After introductions, guidelines, and sharing about personal awareness, questions, and feelings related to race and racism, we spoke about the first video in the series and the first readings, which included the following:

“Understand that this is sacred ground and it hurts to walk here.  But at the same time, I need to walk here, need the strength, the sense of purpose, the knowledge of self, that walking here impart.” – excerpt from Leonard Pitt’s Jr., “Black History is Everyone’s History”

“Many Christians don’t fully realize that racial and cultural integration was an original mission of the first disciples of Jesus.”  “And sin is the right word to use for racism because it seeks to undermine the very creation of human beings as being equally valued, loved, and cared for in the eyes of God.” – excerpts from Jim Wallis, “America’s Original Sin”

We will share more here from the series through the coming months as the series continues, to give the parish an idea of the content of the curriculum created by the national Episcopal Church and the experience of those attending this circle virtually.  We hope to offer the series again in the future, if you find you are interested to know more.

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