Rector Search Committee Update
The Rector Search Committee is a sub-committee of the Vestry.

We are at the stage of our search where three people from the Vestry will be traveling to meet a prospective candidate.  The purpose of the visit is to meet the priest in person, to attend a worship service at the priest’s home church, observe how s/he interacts with the congregation, and to share a meal with the priest and his/her family.

Our Visiting Team is Enrique, DJ and Carolyn.  We are so grateful to them for sacrificing time away from their families and weekend plans. They will be worshipping at the candidate’s home church on Sunday, April 30.

Yesterday, Fr. Keith Scott sent them on their way with a special blessing. He also charged the entire congregation to pray for Enrique, DJ and Carolyn.

Upon their return, they will share their observations with the Vestry and Search Committee.

Please keep them in your prayers for this very special mission.