Message from our senior warden, 3/10/23

It’s a gray day today. And chilly. Typical March weather. It is causing me to reflect on how I’m seeing the world today. Am I “gray”? Do I feel “chilly?” As I thought about it I realized that, yes, I was feeling gray & chilly. And I wondered if that is what I feel like during Lent. Maybe not so much chilly, but definitely gray. I need to shift. But to what? Believe it or not, I looked to the sky outside my window and could see blue sky. For me a sign of hope and promise woven into the gray. I remembered that this season of Lent is one of hope as we look forward to Easter. So I choose to be hopeful today, not gray. As for chilly, I’ll just don a heavier sweater.
Which brings me to where we are in the rector search process. Sometimes it feels like a protracted sense of gray with little or no blue sky. Sometimes we wonder where God is in all of this. Is He guiding us? Opening up the hearts of prospective candidates to St. Andrew’s? In our prayers we ask for guidance and for God to give us a sense of hope. And that is what we need to choose as we walk this part of our journey.
The Rector Search Committee has hopeful news to share. We are in the process of interviewing and checking references for a candidate. The Search Committee, having completed the Profile, will continue to do our due diligence by sending our Profile to Episcopal seminaries in the US. We have also decided to use May 1st as a decision point. Our intention is to have a candidate identified by that time. We are obligated to keep a great deal of what we are doing confidential and therefore limited in what we can share. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask us questions. In fact, we welcome them. So ask away! Most of all, thought, stay hopeful and continue to pray that God already knows who the best candidate is for St. Andrew’s. We just have to open our eyes to see who it is!

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