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Diocese of Albany Bishop Search News

The Profile & Search Committee (P&S) has completed initial Zoom interviews with the first set of applicants whose names were discerned at the retreat in January 2023. The recorded interviews are being viewed by all P&S members in preparation for its meeting on February 25. Discernment will then begin toward the selection of semi-finalists by March 11.

Meanwhile, logistical planning is underway for upcoming steps in the process, including arrangements for a live discernment retreat in April.


Upcoming steps in the process are:

February 25   P&S reviews interviews and collects follow-up in formation.

March 11        P&S selects semi-finalists and invites them to a Discernment Retreat.


Background investigations, reference checks, and follow-up research on semi-finalists.

Transition Team is formed and begins work.

Dates are estimates and subject to change. You can view the entire timeline HERE.


We urge every single person, every Congregation, every gathering in our diocese to pray the Prayer During a Time of Transition daily as we discern the Tenth Bishop of Albany, as well as this prayer:


Heavenly Father, graciously guide the minds and hearts of the Profile and Search Committee as they conduct and review interviews and collect follow-up information in this phase of our search for the next bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

Grant them such trust in you that whatever might keep them from following the process put in place through the Holy Spirit’s guidance of Christ’s church will be overwhelmed by faith and love. Give them clarity and courage to acknowledge and to release into your loving hands any anxiety or fear; protect them from anger, bias, agendas, or particular expectations that threaten to distort their understanding of your will or interfere with their unity, good will, and devotion. Heal them of any wounds, and enable them to discern your voice amid the voices of personal needs and concerns that would make it hard for them to hear or follow you.

We ask you, Holy Spirit, to give them humility, trust, wisdom, clarity, and your overall guidance. Give them all true discernment of your voice, your ways, and your will, in Christ our Great Shep- herd, to the glory of the Father. Let them follow in the examples of faith set forth by Jesus Christ to trust you to provide the candidate whom you desire to fill this office.

Lord, bless and guard the candidates, so that, from among them, we will receive the shepherd who, by your power, will protect, feed and tend the flock of Christ.

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