Search Process Update: 11-23-2022

The Search Committee has been hard at work since the last update.  Our ad has been posted to the Episcopal News Service website. This is the news outlet of The Episcopal Church (TEC). This will provide widespread exposure for our opening until mid- January. If needed, we can renew at that time. In addition, a parish profile is in the stages of final editing. Parishioner Nadya Lawson is using her professional expertise in reviewing our final draft. Once she is finished, we will add photos as appropriate and have it posted on the parish website. As we head into the Holidays our thanks to Barbara Wisnom, Fred Jackson, Rich Angelo, Dolores Cottrell-Carson, Deb Misenhimer, Martha Iannacone, Cathy Hedberg, Kathy McCarthy, Ryan Davis, Richard Pfau, and Nadya Lawson for their service. Please keep us all and the parish in your prayers.