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**As of September 9, 2019, St. Andrew’s began the search process for a new rector. Updates to come as available! This is a page from our previous rector, the Rev. Mary Robinson White.

The Importance of Faith at Home

Practicing faith at home allows children, youth, and adults to connect with God and put faith at the center of their lives. Along with church and other communities, the household is where faith is formed, nurtured, and passed on. Practicing faith at home is fun! Even a few minutes a day, or one faith practice per week can have strong and lasting impacts.

Building Faith has assembled home practices that are do-able, adaptable, fun, and meaningful. The following guides, by authors who have done these practices themselves, include easy-to-follow steps, along with general guidelines, and even materials and resources.
It is never too late to bring faith into your household. Jesus’ promised gift of the Holy Spirit means that we have everything we need to live and share our faith. The following practices will encourage and help you along the way.

Home Practices can be used by all households, regardless of the size and form: singles, friends, couples, children, teens, and parents.

Household Bible Reading with Lectio Divina

by PJ Hobbs
Why is this faith practice important? In our often busy and active lives, it can be very difficult to set time aside throughout the week to nurture our faith in our homes, with members of our family or even quietly by ourselves. Slow, intentional reading of the Bible punctuated by times of silence, prayer, and contemplation marks Lectio Divina (translated “sacred reading”). Bible Reading with Lectio Divina is intended for use in homes, regardless of the size and form of the household (e.g., singles, friends, couples, children, teens and parents).

Click HERE for more information. Building Faith is a ministry of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary.


Rev. Mary