Integrity Congregational Circle

Congregational CircleCongregational Circle members at the annual Capital Pride Festival

Integrity Congregational Circle

St. Andrew’s Integrity Congregational Circle is an affiliate of the national organization, Integrity USA, founded in 1974 as a grassroots voice for full inclusion in the Church for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Episcopalians. The local Integrity group exists to continue that voice here in the Diocese of Albany. We hold Congregational Circle meetings at various times of the year and support the St. Andrew’s parish in its mission as an “inclusive community.” We have hosted several viewings of films that address GLBT issues and participated in local Pride events. Everyone is welcome to join Congregational Circle events or meetings. Contact the church office for more information or e-mail albanyintegrityat

St. Andrew’s has a long history of pulling down barriers which restrict any person from living as a full member of the body of Christ.

The Congregational Circle strives to provide opportunities for all to fully and actively engage in worship, ministry and community.

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