Weaving the Tapestry of Our Community

Tapestry weavers Tapestry Weavers
Tapestry Weavers Tapestry Weavers

Weaving the Tapestry  of Our Community

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is much like a tapestry - an interwoven and continuous fabric made from many strands. Each strand is lovely alone. Together they are surpassingly beautiful. Each time we add a new strand - each new person, program and ministry - we add to the beauty and strength of our fabric. Our history, our liturgy, our community - they all come together to create one whole, a united and beautiful weaving. And this cloth has no end - we continue to bring new colors and textures to it each day. In the autumn of 2010, the people of St. Andrew's came together to weave a tapestry - a cloth of many colors which would serve as a physical symbol of our woven-together life. Next... Weaving the Tapestry.....