Search Process

As of September 9, 2019, St. Andrew’s has begun its search for a new rector. This page will contain updates on the process.

Search Update: September 11, 2019

As we said goodbye to Rev. Mary last Sunday, we thought we should give an update on where we stand in the search process. The first few weeks have involved a number of preliminary actions:

  1. The Wardens met with our DEPO Bishop, DeDe Duncan-Probe, on September 4. She was very supportive and encouraging. She will be having a conversation with Bishop Love about our transition shortly.
  2. We have supply coverage for Sunday worship until year-end, including the Holidays. Coverage will be split between Father Keith Scott, Deacon’s Masses by the Tatems, and Mtr. Jane Brady-Close. We will have one Sunday in October as Morning Prayer led by Rich Angelo. There is a schedule posted opposite the office.
  3. Tuesday night services will continue. There will be Evening Prayer led by Rich Angelo and the Iannacones.
  4. The letter to Bishop Love officially notifying him of the vacancy is in process.
  5. We are in the process of scheduling the first meeting of the Vestry as the Search Committee.
  6. We are also in conversation with Mtr. Elizabeth Papazoglakis, our diocesan deployment officer to set up our initial meeting.

We will be keeping the parish posted as we go forward.

Duane Wilcox, Senior Warden and Chris D’Alessandro, Junior Warden